Handmade vases, mugs, earrings, and more made out of porcelain, gold and other durable types of clay.

I accidentally fell in love with pottery at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto. I was searching online for an interesting first date idea and the Museum's drop in clay classes popped up. The second my hands touched the clay, I was hooked! I went on the take multiple courses at the Gardiner and around the city. Before each class at the Museum I would go to the gift shop and get inspired by the wonderful art work being sold there. I never in my wildest dreams thought that one day my work would be sold there. It is truly a huge honour.

My studio is part of Akin collective in downtown Toronto where I teach small classes and make my creations. Each piece is one of a kind and hand crafted by me every step of the way. No two pieces are the same.

My professional background is in marketing, public relations, photography and online publishing but nothing has brought me the same level of satisfaction as making art. I feel so blessed to be able to call my passion my work. When I’m not making ceramics and jewelry, I’m usually playing or writing songs, painting or baking pies.